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What are you looking for ....the cheapest or the BEST? You may find cheaper BusinessCard Scanners, but you will never find more ACCURATE scanners.

Do you want to spend hours correcting the mistakes from the scan, or do you want to get it done quickly and accurately?

If it's accuracy and quality you're looking for, don't hesitate, buy now.....


This is amazing, I now scan and save cards into a database minutes after receiving them. The accuracy is incredible and it is so small, it fits into my pocket.

Francis West


Superior Business Card Scanner - No more hassles or frustration, scan in no time.... Is the thought of transferring all the contact information by hand daunting, but you don't want to just leave a rubber-band stack of cards moldering in a desk drawer? When you try to find the one you need, it's never available? Well, PenPower WorldCard rescues you from the dilemma. WorldCard is a combination of a small business card scanner and very clever software that can read the information from your business cards and place it in a contact manager or export it directly to your e-mail software. Find how it works!

More videos demonstrating the scanner further down the page

Taking your organized contacts with you everywhere is easy with WorldCard Office! The card information can be synchronized to any USB Mini Drive. PENPOWER WorldCard Office has multi-language support.


WorldCard Office supports various data extension. Contact information can be directly scanned into PC, Palm, WinCE and mobile phone devices seamlessly. Compact and lightweight at only 2.5 oz, this innovative device improves the efficiency of the mobile professional both in the office and on the road.

Multi Language - The default language is English. PenPower WorldCard supports French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Indonesian, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified Chinese) as well as English. Business cards with both Chinese and English can be read accurately.
Import and Export - You can import or export the contact database from or to different applications like Outlook, Outlook Express, Access, Organiser, CSV file, Excel, ACT!, GoldMine, Lotus Organizer, and many more. This saves you a lot of time and no more repeated typing exists.
Easy synchronise - Synchronize with flash disk to carry your contacts everywhere. Data base and card images can be stored on a USB mini drive with one click and the content can be viewed on any computer without installing software
Card management - Business cards management system with powerful edit, sorting, search and categorization
Photo Management - Attach a photo to your contact if you want. You can add a photo from the existing files or by scanning a photo with other flat bed scanners.
Multiple Viewing Modes - Multiple viewing interfaces providing different ways to browse business card database and card image. This allows you to choose your favourite mode to view your contact database.
Easy-to-Use - One Button Operation: It's as easy as pie to use WorldCard. All you have to do is to press the "Scan" button on the scanner, it will automatically perform the all process from scanning to recognizing the cards.
User Defined Field - WorldCard allows you to self-define a new field that is not preset in the system, so as to expand the recognition capability. Add a new field and setup the recognition labels for this field, later when cards are scanned, information that match to the recognition labels will be extracted to the new self-defined filed.
Personal Calendar Integration - Can't remember which tasks with whom? Create task calendars and set the pop-up alarm to give you notice at the requested time. Drag and drop the contacts to each schedule for quicker and clearer follow-up. You can choose to view your calendars by daily, monthly and events.
Note and Categories - Add note to a single card and no more scribbling on the back of cards. Simply drag and drop the data to organize your contacts by the default categories or create your own.
Intelligent Card Search - Just type the keywords of anything about a contact like name, company, business cards that match the criteria will be found instantly. The right contact information can also easily found by categories.
Printing - PenPower WorldCard gives you lots of options to print your contact information to carry with you. The default label templates allow you to print labels in minutes, or you can create your own.
Beam Your Addresses to Your Cell phone: Ericsson 320/380/T39/T68/T68i; Motorola 388/A6288/l2000/7389i/timeport;Nokia 5210/6210/6250/6500/6510/7110/7190/8210/8250/8290/8310/8390/ 8850/8855/8890/8910; Samsung A308/A408; Siemens 2588 S25/3568i S35/3618 ME45/6618 S45/6688 SL45
Infrared Transmission - You can transmit your electronic address book to your favourite Palm or mobile phone via infrared. Enjoy being a mobile knowledge worker! (you need to have an infrared port on your pc, and your palm and mobile phone also need to have infrared ports)
Accurate OCR recognition engine - Fast business card batch scanning with high efficiency
  • Automatic field identification separating and identifying text fields on business card
  • Addresses break down to cities, States and zipcode
  • Auto-learning allows users to customize their own data fields and the system can learn and remember those self-defined fields
Appointment reminders - Appointment calendar merges with business card database, plus a reminder alarm
Double sided scanning - Two-sided business cards can be scanned with images in a single record. Continuous scanning makes the scanning more quickly.
Label printing - Versatile business card database printing on label, envelope, letter or mailing list

System Requirements:
Pentium 166 PC or higher, Min. 64MB memory, 90 MB of available hard disk space, USB Port

Win 98 / Me / 2000 / XP / Vista

Scanner Specification:
Measures (4" x 2" x 1")
Weighs 70g (2.5 oz)
Max Scan Resolution 600x 600 dpi
256 Grayscale
Connects through Universal Serial Bus (USB).
No extra external power supply is needed

A8 card reader (card scanner)
USB cable
Calibration card
Carrying case
User manual
Software CD
Registration card.

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An overview of the scanner
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Scanning a card
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Scan & Print Options

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